A day in the life of:

Manny the Frenchie

Manny the Frenchie @manny_the_frenchie

Manny is the internet's most followed bulldog and philathro-PUP best known for his adorable pictures and videos on Instagram. Born and raised in Chicago, Manny loves to nap in the bathroom sink, travel especially to meet fans, give back to those who need it most, people watch at parks, and go everywhere with his human Mom! Though he's loved and admired by many, at home Manny is just a regular pup!

  • Breed

    French Bulldog

  • AGE

    8 Years Old


    25 Pounds

  • Activity Level


450 calories per day

What do your mornings look like?

My day starts like most of yours, a fight with myself to get up instead of staying in bed, then BREAKFAST! My SmartFeeder feeds me exactly 3/4 cups and I dig in! After noms, its time for a quick walk since I'm not that into fitness, then back home to nap for most of the day. After all, I need my beauty rest!

He was actually the unwanted one in his litter. The breeder was like, we’ll give you a discount if you take him. He’s the bootleg special dog

What recipe are you enjoying lately?

Since I'm not a huge fan of exercise and I tend to be a beggar, I can get overfed very easily and put on excess weight quickly. I have to make smart food choices and make sure I'm eating my fruits and veggies. I love Halo Purely for Pets Vegan kibble and the Healthy Weight Turkey and Duck recipe, because they’re easy on my stomach and don’t contain meat meal of any kind!

We recommend you eat more

Based on Manny’s profile we recommend ingredient's like venison, rabbit, and trout because that's what a Frenchie’s ancestors would have eaten in the wild. By the way, did you know that the French Bulldog isn’t even really French in origin? It’s true.


MERRICK™ Real Rabbit + Chickpeas


approx. cost per day bags starting from $16.97

  • High quality protein
  • Macronutrients for Species
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Healthy oils and spices
  • No artificial ingredients/fillers
  • No added sweeteners

*Prescription diets and other special condition foods tend to score lower than other regular foods because their ingredient panels will often skimp on real meat and fish proteins and can include other fillers that are not necessarily suitable for a dog or cat over long periods of time.

In the afternoons, I am…

Sleeping. Its always a good time for a nap! This time though, I might opt for a nap in the sink, my fav especially in the hot summer. Every day requires a quick post on social media and check in with my friends online. I have to ask my Mom to read me my emails, she's the best. I'm lucky she works from home and gets to spend so much time with us. But I'm a serious cuddler, so not sure how she gets anything done.

Do you have any nighttime rituals?

Before bed, I love to romp around with my frenchie brothers and bulldog/boxer mix sister (Frank, Filip, Liam, and Leila). We wrestle on our parents’ bed and make sure to knock all the pillows to the ground – it’s so fun! Then I chug water and make a quick trip outside before hitting my Mom's pillow for the night to sleep on her head, she doesn't mind. 😉

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