Four of the Friendliest Cat Breeds

Though cats may have a reputation for being aloof or antisocial, we know that’s not always the case. While some felines lead rather independent lives, certain breeds are known to be especially friendly. Check out our list of friendly cat breeds and see if your favorite breed made the list. Here kitty, kitty!

Burmese Cat

If you’re seeking an extra friendly feline, a Burmese cat may be just what you’re looking for. These cats are known to be super affectionate, intelligent, playful and friendly. Burmese cats love attention and will charm the pants off anyone with their adoring personalities. They’re also known to be friendly with strangers, and will happily cuddle in your lap and purr joyously as you pet them.


Like the Burmese cat, Siamese cats are an extremely smart breed and love having the spotlight. These cats are also known to be inquisitive creatures and get along easily with other people and pets. Arguably the most well-known cat breed, they’re extremely fond of people and tend to follow their owners around the house loyally. Not only that, but Siamese cats usually want to be a part of everything their owners do, including sleeping, doing chores, or watching TV.

Persian Cat

Persian cats are a gentle and quiet breed with calm personalities. These cats are very laid-back and prefer lounging on a couch to chasing mice in the yard. Persian cats are docile and sweet. They’re also known for their luxurious, flowing manes which make can them tedious to groom. A Persian cat is happiest when sitting contently on their owner’s lap or being kindly brushed.

Chartreux Cat

The Chartreux is known as an attentive and gentle breed. Though they are relatively quiet pets, these cats have plenty of personality. These playful pussycats enjoy being active and acrobatic and appreciate getting attention from their favorite human. For a Chartreux cat, the purrfect day entails play time, ample naps and being scratched between the ears.

Please, no hissing if your cat didn’t make our list. When it comes to personality types, cats are just as diverse as humans. No matter the breed, any cat can snuggle their way into their owner’s heart.


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