Petnet launches SmartDelivery with more than 1,500 pet food recipes.

Petnet, the leader in personalized pet feeding, today launched SmartDelivery, a service that brings pet food straight to SmartFeeder and SmartBowl users’ doorsteps so they never have to think about buying pet food again.

When setting up the SmartFeeder or SmartBowl, pet owners use the Petnet app to select the type of food their dog or cat eats; if that recipe is one of Petnet’s currently stocked brands, users can opt-in to have that food automatically delivered right to their doorstep every 7-60 days. Petnet partnered with Petco to leverage the leading pet specialty retailer’s existing infrastructure and nationwide distribution facilities to power SmartDelivery. Petnet currently offers more than 1,500 pet foods for SmartDelivery, including Orijen and Blue Buffalo, with additional brands being added regularly

Once signed up for SmartDelivery, Petnet offers users the first three bags of their preferred pet food free, helping to subsidize the cost of the SmartFeeder ($149) or SmartBowl ($49). In the future, Petnet’s SmartBowl and SmartFeeder, which keep track of how much food a user has by tracking dispensed feedings, will automatically order a new bag when supply is running low.

Carlos Herrera, CEO and co-founder of Petnet said: “It’s our mission to make pet owners’ lives easier and provide them with the tools and information they need to ensure their dogs and cats are healthy. The Petnet app helps owners determine proper feeding portions for their pets; now, SmartDelivery brings our users added convenience and peace of mind knowing they will always have a sufficient supply of food for their dog or cat.”

A recent study by Banfield Hospital found that over the past 10 years, pet obesity diagnoses have increased 169% in cats and 158% in dogs. Dogs and cats that are overweight or obese are predisposed to complications like hyperthyroidism, oral disease, diabetes, pancreatitis, arthritis and cancer. Petnet’s products and services enable pet owners to make better feeding choices for their pets, keeping them happy and healthy.

The free Petnet app (iOS/Android) calculates the recommended daily calorie intake for pets based on details like age, weight, activity level, breed and food type. In conjunction with the app, the SmartFeeder and SmartBowl enable owners to customize their pet’s feedings, discover insights about their pet’s eating habits and make intelligent decisions about their pet’s health. With the SmartFeeder, pet owners can also create a customized feeding schedule for their dog or cat and rest assured that meals are always delivered on time - whether they’re home or not. In order to ensure users always have the best possible pet food options on-hand, Petnet SmartDelivery regularly delivers food to users’ doorsteps. The SmartFeeder and SmartBowl are available for purchase at,, and in Petco stores nationwide.

Personalize your pet’s daily meals.

Feed the right amount each day with the SmartFeeder and SmartDelivery.