Choosing the Right Food for your Hero Cat

If you want to be a hero to your hero cat, then you should make sure that you are feeding them a species appropriate food.  As I have often said, the most important decisions that any pet owner faces each day is how much and what to feed their pet.  Pet owners who make wise feeding choices can extend and improve the quality of their cat’s life, and potentially save thousands of dollars on medical costs.

Cats are classified as obligate carnivores, meaning that their bodies require animal flesh as their primary dietary source.  For a cat, protein and fat are king, so they should be fed high protein diets made up of mostly animal meats.  Protein content is a key criteria for choosing a cat food.  Look for foods that contain 50% or more protein, and at least 75% protein and fat combined.  Remember too, that not all proteins are created equal.  Choose foods that contain named meats (e.g., beef, salmon) and avoid foods that hike their protein content using vegetable proteins sources (e.g. wheat, corn, pea protein).

In the wild, cats have no need for grains or starchy carbs.  Their bodies were not made to process these during digestion.  Yet, many cat foods contain these as part of their recipe formulations.  Common culprits include cheap fillers like wheat, corn, and rice.  These provide little benefit nutritionally, could even lead to diabetes and other health ailments, and are not appropriate foods for the carnivore cat.

Lastly, make sure your cat’s food is loaded with natural ingredients and devoid of artificial additives, like coloring, preservatives, and sweeteners.  The cat body has no use for these and they can be harmful if fed for extended periods of time.

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