Workout and Beauty Tips by Abby

Many of us come up with excuses to miss a workout with our dog.  Sometimes these excuses are related to the way we feel (we are too tired or busy) and sometimes they are related to our pet (they are too tired or don't feel good).  Yet, it is so important to properly exercise your pet.  It helps burn calories and keeps them at a healthy weight, reduces disease risk, and can even extend their life.

Today's guest post is “written” by Abby, the tri-pawed dog of blogger friend Jackie Bouchard.  Abby doesn't let the fact that she is one leg short stop her from engaging in a well rounded fitness routine.  Which is why she is one fit, healthy, and overall amazing dog and a great inspiration to all of us to eliminate our excuses and to get active with our pets. Take it away, Abby: 

Hi Everypawdy! I know I make this whole supermodel dog thing look easy, but it actually takes a bit of work. Today I'm going to share what I know so you too can feel your best, or at least look your best in pictures.

Workout Tips

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1. Stretching: This is super important. I never get up and go anywhere in the morning without a good long stretch first. My #1 favorite “doga” stretch is downward-facing dog. Basically, stick your tail up in the air, and push back toward your hips. Awwww. So rejuvenating.

2. Cardio: This is integral to keeping fit and trim. Find something you love that gets your heart rate up. At least an hour a day keeps me looking my best! (Hey, I didn't say this would be easy...)

 3. Core Workout: Don't forget to work your core! One-legged digging makes an excellent core workout. You try it! Just kneel on the floor. Now tie one hand behind your back. Now make a digging motion. Repeat 8,700 times.  4. Water: Be sure to stay hydrated while you are working out! I recommend having your lackey (human) carry your water for you, and being at the ready whenever you feel thirsty.  5. Recovery Foods: I find a fruit smoothy is just the thing after a hard workout.

6. Rewards: It's not ALL hard work; be sure to include some rewards for yourself so you don't feel deprived.

If your goal is to lose weight, these 6 mostly-easy steps will help! Or, consider the fact that losing a limb is a great way to shed those extra pounds!!

Looking Your Best in Photos

140627 Beauty Tips Abby

Now, if all that sounds like too much trouble, and your idea of a cardio workout is pointing the remote at the TV, then here are some of my best modeling secrets so you, too, can look good in pictures.

1. Know your angle! Always try to look your slimmest in photos. Stand a little bit to one side and, if you have an extra leg, tuck it in behind the forward leg. If you don't have that pesky extra leg thing, than this is not a problem. Be sure to practice in front of the mirror and find your best angle.

2. Know your best color! For me, it's pink. But I also look good in just about any color. It's kind of a gift…

3. Know your WORST angle! Try to never let anyone take a picture of you from behind.

If you follow my simple advice, you too will be ready for your close up!

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