Automatic Feeder for Cats and Dogs
Automatic Feeder for Cats and Dogs


Automatic Feeder for Cats and Dogs

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The Petnet SmartFeeder is a Wi-Fi connected automatic pet feeder for cats and dogs. Use the Petnet App to personalize your pet’s daily meal times and portions, order pet food for delivery – and even feed from your phone!


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30-day money-back guarantee
1-year product warranty

Best in class.

Food Sensors

Detect when food is low and needs to be refilled.

Food Container Lock

Keeps your pet’s food safe and secure

Angled Food Chute

Designed to dispense smooth feedings.

Removable Container

Easy to remove and clean – keeps your pet’s food fresh and free of bacteria.

Durable Portion Wheel

Measure and pour precise portions, for consistent meals.

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Dishwasher-Safe Bowl

Simple, but sophisticated, bowl is dishwasher-safe and made for daily use.

Feed your pet from your phone, even while you’re away.
Schedule daily meals with precise portions
Receive alerts for meal times, food levels and SmartDelivery.

Customer reviews

Best feeder for your pets!

Verified Purchase

This is an upgrade from version 1 and we love it. Easy set up and I like that the unit is a little smaller. Oh and customer service is excellent, fast response.

Game changer

This is AMAZING!!!! It has changed my life. Game changer with my busy life and family of 5. Thank you Petnet for your genius product and amazing customer support.

Convenient for humans!

Verified Purchase

This is an upgrade from version 1 and we love it. Easy set up and I like that the unit is a little smaller. Oh and customer service is excellent, fast response.

Greatly Improved

Verified Purchase

I've been using Petnet SmartFeeders since they were in beta phase and they only keep getting better. I also like how the bowl is much easier to remove and clean.

Works perfectly!

1. Easy to set up

2. Easy to fill with food

3. Improved feed mechanism

4. Food goes where my cat wants it

Keeps getting better

Verified Purchase

I have had it for a few weeks and can honestly say they did an awesome job! It's a lot steadier, food doesn’t jam and it just works great! Easy setup! Great job Petnet!


“Alexa, ask Petnet to feed Charlie.”

No more trips to the kitchen to scoop and measure your pet’s food – just ask Alexa to feed the amount you want.

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Meet Marilyn, Nate and their dog Charlie

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Petnet SmartFeeder?

The Petnet SmartFeeder is an automatic pet feeder that dispenses food on a schedule and pairs with your phone and other smart home devices to automate and track feedings. So you have peace of mind knowing your pet will be fed, even if you’re running late.

What is the score on my pet’s food in the Petnet app?

We measure all pet food recipes with a quality score. We’ve evaluated over 7,000 recipes, to better understand the quality of your pet's food with unbiased results, based on ingredients alone.

What is the Petnet SmartShop?

The Petnet SmartShop is a convenient place to find the perfect food recipes and servings for your pet. Using our proprietary AI system, we’re able to use your pet’s age, weight, breed, and activity level to match your pet with personalized food recommendations and portion sizes. We’ll calculate the dosage and you even have the option of using SmartDelivery to automatically order and deliver food to your doorstep, so your pet never misses a meal. Shipping and delivery are completely free!

How does the Petnet app work?

Once you’ve set up you’re Petnet SmartFeeder and paired it to the Petnet App on your smartphone, complete your pet profile by entering your pet’s breed(s), age, weight, and activity level and the app will match you with the best food choices and portion sizes, completely personalized for your pet. From there, you can automate and track feedings and even feed your pet from Alexa, Google Home, or your smartphone!

What happens if my power or internet goes out?

The SmartFeeder automatically stores your meal schedule and has a backup battery, so it will continue to operate for up to 7 hours without power or internet.

What size cats and dogs can eat from the SmartFeeder?

We generally recommend the SmartFeeder for cats and dogs up to 60 lbs.

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