Petnet Testimonial: Permanent Records

Liz from Permanent Records owns three cats, all of which are strays. Frankie, her biggest eater, used to cause problems with other Permanent Records workers from meowing at them when she wanted food.

In a search for something to keep her cat and her workers happy, Liz found the Petnet SmartFeeder.
Frankie is a feral cat, so her appetite is larger than normal cats—she tends to eat in large quantities. But since purchasing the SmartFeeder, Liz can control how much Frankie eats at one time using the feeder’s available portion sizes that can be as precise as 1/16th of a cup.

She can also rest assured that Frankie is fed and happy, even from a distance.

The SmartFeeder brings to the table not only healthier eating habits for pets, but also peace of mind for pet owners like Liz.

Personalize your pet’s daily meals.

Feed the right amount each day with the SmartFeeder and SmartDelivery.