What Are The Different Ways To Start Smartdelivery?

There are three ways to start SmartDelivery. 

You may sign up for SmartDelivery by creating an account in SmartShop. When you sign up for SmartDelivery you will receive your first 3 bags for free. (3 free bag offer is available once per household)

If you have a SmartFeeder, check for the SmartDelivery badge when selecting a food recipe and bag size in the Petnet app. Once you've made your selection, you will have the ability to sign up for SmartDelivery and claim your first three bags for free. (3 free bag offer is available once per SmartFeeder)

We've recently introduced the Subscription Bundle plan. When purchasing the Subscription Bundle you are creating your Pet's Profile and signing up for SmartDelivery all at once. The Subscription Bundle will allow you to start SmartDelivery and purchase the SmartFeeder for $99 during checkout. (This option does not come with an offer for 3 free bags)