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  • What Makes Up A Foods Quality Score?

    We examine the ingredient list for appropriate proteins, fruits and vegetables, healthy fats and oils and award a higher score, in most cases depending on the position of the ingredient in the list. We also scan for artificial ingredient...

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  • How Is My Pet's Daily Calorie Goal Calculated?

    We use your pet’s weight and activity level to estimate their daily calorie goal. In other words, the larger and more active your pet is, the more calories they will burn each day.

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  • What Factors Contribute To My Pets Food Recommendations?

    We recommend food recipes that match ingredients to what your pet’s ancestors would have eaten in the wild. We then rank the recommendations by the Quality Score.

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  • What Is Smartdelivery?

    ​​​​​A service that brings pet food straight to your doorstep so you never have to think about buying, or running out of, pet food again.

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  • What Is Smartshop?

    A digital marketplace that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to guide pet owners to the appropriate foods for their pet’s breed and specific needs. Search for food recommendations of top-quality recipes, curated for your pet and measured...

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