Introducing The New Petnet App

Every pet needs a little grooming every now and then - nail clipping, ear cleaning, getting a hair furcut. And sometimes things in the digital world can use a little spiffing up, too. Our app has undergone some changes which’ll really get your tail wagging.

So what’s different?Your new Home screen visually displays the daily progress of your pets’ feedings. See that circle around your pet’s photo? That shows how close you are to reaching your pet’s daily budget. (For example, if you have 2 feeds per day and you’ve already completed the first one, the progress circle would show that you’re halfway there.

Under that, you’ll see a summary with the number of feeds, cups and calories that you’ve served for that particular day. Think of this screen as “Where am I at in my day?”


The Home icon is now conveniently at the bottom left of your menu dashboard, and all your icons are easy to access so you can swiftly navigate to every screen from anywhere in the app.

App Icons


Zip over to the Meals screen (formerly called Schedule) for a snapshot of your pet’s daily meal plan in relation to the personalized feeding recommendation. Tap the question mark on the upper right to show your pet’s profile details. Think of this screen as  “Here’s my meal plan as it pertains to my daily recommendation.”

Need to feed right away? Just tap the circle icon at the upper right of your Home screen, and send some chow to your pet straight from your phone.

You’ll always be in the loop with our updated push notifications. From feeding reminders to meal confirmations, you’ll never have to wonder about the status of your pet’s meals.

ios remote feed

Between the new design, fluid navigation, and the way we’ve tied everything together, we’re pawsitive that you’ll enjoy the updated Petnet app. If you’ve got any questions, please reach out to our support team, and happy feeding!

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