The Petnet SmartFeeder now works with Amazon Alexa!

At Petnet, it’s our goal to make pet owners’ lives easier and ensure our furry friends are living their healthiest lives. Today, we are excited to introduce a new way for SmartFeeder users to do just that - you can now control your Petnet SmartFeeder with your voice, thanks to Amazon Alexa integration!

Now, feeding your pet is even easier than before: all you have to do is say, “Alexa, ask Petnet to feed Fido a half a cup,” and voila, food is dispensed! You can dispense anywhere between 1/16 and 1 and ½ cups of food with the SmartFeeder - just by using your voice.

This is especially helpful for those of us who have dogs and cats that like to wake us up extra early on days they are feeling particularly hungry. Instead of getting up to give them a snack, or even having to roll over and press the “feed” button on your Petnet app, all you have to do is mutter a few words and your pet will happily trot off to eat and leave you in peace.

Learn more about the Petnet SmartFeeder Alexa Skill here.


In addition to the handy Alexa integration, Petnet also works with Nest Cam, enabling you to see your pet eating each meal. The Nest Cam, an indoor security camera with 24/7 live streaming, night vision, and personalized alerts, works seamlessly with our app and SmartFeeder. The Nest Cam motion detector senses when your pet cozies up to his SmartFeeder for dinner, so you can monitor him munching away and note if they aren’t eating properly. By having both technologies work together harmoniously, you can trust SmartFeeder for consistent feedings, and watch from afar like the proud pet parent you are with Nest Cam.

Learn more about SmartFeeder and Nest Cam here.

Personalize your pet’s daily meals.

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