Pets 2.0: How Tech Has Infiltrated Our Lives (And Laps)

Remember the days of George Jetson, when snazzy technology seemed like some futuristic innovative concept? As much as we loved dreaming about flying motorcycles and outer-space schools, we knew better than to hold our breath. And though we were right (still waiting on a car that folds up into a briefcase!), technology has quickly advanced since the Jetsons embarked on their final intergalactic journey.

All forms of gadgetry, from phones to appliances to computers, have undergone major transformations and emerged with better capabilities, smoother functionality, and bigger purposes. Isn’t it cute that once upon a time, you used your cell only to call your mom?

Technology has spilled into every aspect our of lives: at work, on the road, and at home, and now we’re truly in the midst of an integrated existence. Advancing machinery and scientific prowess have naturally revolutionized the way we care for ourselves and our loved ones. Did you know there’s an app that’ll interpret your baby’s cries? Long gone are the days of having to hypothesize what your screaming infant is trying to tell you.

You can also bid farewell to the guesswork of personalized pet care - meal time, potty time, and play time have all benefitted from an insurgence of smart products that contribute to a healthy life for your little terrier, Triscuit. And a healthy Triscuit means a happy you.

SmartFeeder: Automated Eats

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you gotta make sure that Triscuit starts his morning with a controlled portion of food. Our SmartFeeder app lets you set up automatic feedings from your phone, guaranteeing that Triscuit consumes the proper amount of chow at the correct time.

iFetch: Automatic Ball Launcher

Picking up and throwing a tennis ball is soooo 2002. This contraption does the “heavy” lifting for you, catapulting an adorable branded ball to the distance you choose (10, 25, or 40 feet) and gives Triscuit the pleasure of dropping the ball back into iFetch himself. Good boy!

ifetch 2

Whistle: GPS Tracker

Oh no, where’d you go?! Nothing’s more terrifying than having Triscuit scamper off during a walk, or escape outside through a window. Once you set up the app and fasten Whistle to his collar or harness, you can easily track his location, and you’ll receive a notification if he leaves the designated “safe zone.”

Power Pet Door: Electronic Doorway 

Regular pet doors have been around for awhile, but unwelcome critters and insulation issues have always been part of that package. Power Pet Door solves those probs by creating a door that opens only when activated from the chip in your pet’s collar. Which means no more drafty breezes and no more possums taking up residency in your kitchen trash. #yuck

Power Pet Door

Mighty Paw Smart Bell: Wireless Doorbell

If you’re not in the market for a mechanical pet door, the Mighty Paw doorbell is the next best thing. Triscuit can alert you when it’s time to go outside by pressing his nose or paw against the sensor pad, and DING! DING! - you know he means business. 

Porch Potty And Littermaid: Tidy Toilet Solutions

Of course we love our pets unconditionally, but that doesn’t mean we adore the less glamorous parts like restroom cleanup patrol. Porch Potty uses a weatherproof wicker box full of real or synthetic grass to give your pooch the luxury of a luscious lawn lavatory (2 draining options included), while Littermaid engages in self-cleaning scooper duty for your kitty.

WonderWoof: Activity Tracker 

Considering Fitbit’s popularity among humans, it’s no wonder that our pets got in on the action. WonderWoof’s sleek little bowtie device clips right to Triscuit’s collar and sends all sorts of exercise and sleep stats straight to your phone. Swipe across the app's data screens to see if Triscuit gets the right ratio of snoozin’ to cruisin’.

What smart pet products do you use? Sound off in the comments below!

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