Petnet SmartFeeder: Best With Nest Cam

You’re on the way to work/ dinner/ vacation and it hits you - you forgot to turn off the lights, lock the front door, or feed your cat. (Don’t worry - it’s happened to all of us.) These “OMG whoops” moments are part of the reason that technology has found such a deep-rooted home…in our homes.

Thanks to technology, we’re connected even when we’re away. Smart home products are more accessible and easier to use than ever before, from cameras to thermostats, from vacuums to pet gear, and far beyond. And with nearly two-thirds of Americans currently trotting around town with a smartphone, we’ve welcomed and embraced a world where “connection” creates peace of mind.

The ultimate goal for smart home products is to ensure that your loved ones are safe, healthy, and happy - and it starts with the smallest (and furriest) members of our household. Nutrition is top priority for optimal pet health, and our SmartFeeder develops customized mealtimes for Tarzan The Tabby and Buttons The Beagle. After entering your pet’s age, weight, activity level, and food type, the SmartFeeder app helps you determine the proper amount of food, dispensed at the times you choose, all while monitoring your supply.

Picture-Perfect: Integrating SmartFeeder With Nest Cam

SmartFeeder And Nest App

Just like Tarzan and Buttons play well with others, so does our SmartFeeder. Nest Cam, a security camera with 24/7 live streaming, Night Vision, and personalized alerts, works seamlessly with our feeder. Once you’ve got both apps up and running, a simple menu in the SmartFeeder app will guide you through the integration steps, and voila! The Nest Cam motion detector senses when Tarzan cozies up to his SmartFeeder for dinner, and now you can monitor him munching away. By having both technologies work together harmoniously, you can trust SmartFeeder for consistent feedings, and watch from afar like the proud pet parent that you are with Nest Cam.

Now someone just needs to teach Tarzan how to post his dinner selfie on Instagram.

Learn more about SmartFeeder and Nest Cam here.

Personalize your pet’s daily meals.

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