SmartFeeder vs. Regular Pet Auto Feeders

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Not all pet feeders are created equal.  With so many feeders that claim to be a solution to feeding your pet while you are away from home, it can be confusing to find the best solution for your beloved pet.  The one certainty is that regular auto feeders do not provide the advanced feeding functionality of the Petnet(io) SmartFeeder.

Similar to SmartFeeder, most auto feeders dispense food to your pet on a schedule - That is where the similarities end.  SmartFeeder’s sleek look and smart design, make it your perfect feeding companion.

Pet Health

Through portion control and nutrition management, SmartFeeder will combat the pet obesity epidemic.

Food Compatibility and Rotational Feeding:  Petnet(io)’s proprietary software can automatically find the ideal set of compatible pet food recipes based on your pet's profile.  Whether it is feeding your pet a sensible rotation of food proteins or feeding based on your pet’s ancestry, or both, use the Petnet(io) App and website to discover food suggestions that can help to ensure your pet receives a varied and balanced diet throughout their life.  This takes the burden away from having to do the research yourself.

Portion Control:  SmartFeeder's intelligent software and sensors take into account your pet's age and activity level (among other things) to determine suggested servings sizes that will keep your pet at the proper weight. Unlike traditional auto feeders that will dispense the amount of food you specify at set times of day, SmartFeeder will devise an appropriate feeding schedule to ensure that your pet is getting the right amount of the right food at the right time.  Also, SmartFeeder can dispense food in precise measurements as small as 1/16th of a cup - most regular auto feeders can only dispense portions as small as 1/4th of a cup (this lack of precision can add up over the year and lead to over (or under) fed pets).  SmartFeeder also allows you to modify the schedule as needed at any time from your computer, phone, tablet, or directly on the feeder.

Peace of Mind

SmartFeeder allows you to care for your pet from anywhere with customized alerts and notifications as well as its thoughtful pet proof design features intended to keep your pet safe while interacting with the feeder.

Feeding Management: Keep track of your pet’s feedings through the App and Petnet(io) website. SmartFeeder can send you notifications indicating when your pet has been fed and by whom, when your pet has finished eating, when the food level in the feeder is running low, and much more. With SmartFeeders Feeding Insights, you never again have to worry about family members double feeding or missing a meal.  Our food inventory tracker will ensure that you won’t run out of food and eliminate last minute trips to the store.

Pet Proofing: One of the key complaints from pet parents about regular auto feeders is that their brilliant pets can sneak additional food from the feeder beyond what is dispensed.  Also, many regular feeders are not tough or stable enough to withstand the regular wear-and-tear inflicted by pets, resulting in a pet kibble free-for-all. The SmartFeeder was designed with this in mind, and includes several pet proofing features to keep food from being shaken or dumped out.

Having trouble with a pet who likes to chew on cables? We designed our cords to be chewproof, in an effort to keep your pets as safe as possible when interacting with the SmartFeeder.

Power: Unlike most traditional auto feeders that have either a power cord (in which case they won’t work in a power failure) or are battery operated (in which case they will not work if the battery dies), the SmartFeeder is equipped with a micro usb power cord and has a rechargeable battery backup so your pet will never go hungry.  Also, our App will keep tabs on your remaining battery power so you won’t have to worry about the batteries running out just when you really need them to kick in. The micro usb power cord is compatible all over the world

Food Storage: The food container in the SmartFeeder has a seal to keep the food fresh for your pet, but just as importantly, to keep the smell locked away.

Cost Savings

SmartFeeder will save you hundreds of dollars per year from portion control - not to mention avoided medical costs.  SmartFeeders advanced food management system will keep you from wasting money on food by calculating and dispensing the appropriate amount of food for your pet at the right time.  Over time, SmartFeeder will also help you lower your vet bills through avoided medical costs resulting from overfeeding.

Anyway you slice it, SmartFeeder is a cut above the rest!

Personalize your pet’s daily meals.

Feed the right amount each day with the SmartFeeder and SmartDelivery.