Top 10 Reasons You Should Use The SmartFeeder

If your pet could talk, he’d probably have a laundry list of requests. More cuddles. More toys. Less vacuuming and no more nail clippings. But since he’s not quite evolved enough to carry on a conversation, he relies on you to make all the decisions. One such choice involves his favorite topic (food!) so don't make him beg. Here’s why you gotta get the SmartFeeder for your bae, Gibson The Greyhound.

1) It’s personalized pet care

Your pet is a unique creature with unique needs, and deserves to be treated as such. When setting up Gibson’s profile in the Petnet app, you enter details about his age, weight, activity level and food type, so his feedings are 100% personalized.

2) It guides you to healthy portions

How much are you feeding your furry babe? Do you know how many calories he needs for each meal? Many pet owners have no idea that they’re overfeeding their pets. The SmartFeeder eliminates all the guesswork by leading you to the right feeding choices.

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3) It keeps you connected

Even when you’re out and about, the Petnet app is your connection to home. With just a few swipes and a couple clicks, managing Gibson’s feedings from your phone is even easier than teaching him to roll over. And our status notifications will always keep you in the loop.

4) It gives you the freedom to feed from anywhere 

No one is immune to a late night at work every now and then, but rest assured that Gibson can still chow down if you’re not by his side. The SmartFeeder sensor technology and customizable settings give you the flexibility to feed Gibby from your car, office, or anywhere else. Voila, now you can finally be in two places at once!


5) It monitors your food supply

Don’t you hate it when you dig into the cabinet for Gibson’s food but discover that the bag is empty? Then you have to endure his angry glances when you grab your keys for an impromptu trip to the store - sorry Gibby! Now you can avoid these dinnertime debacles since the SmartFeeder monitors your food supply and notifies you when you’re running low.

6) It prevents overfeeding with precise portions

Pet obesity is serious problem - over half of the pets in the US are overweight! And with excess weight, your little fur ball could develop diabetes, heart disease, decreased liver function, and issues with his joints, bones and ligaments. Portion control is mandatory for a healthy pet, and the SmartFeeder helps you determine how much Gibson oughta be eating.

7) It’s high-quality food recommendations 

Like most pet parents, you’ve probably wandered the aisles of your pet food store, overwhelmed by the endless amount of bags and labels and cans vying for your attention. Our app analyzes nutrition and ingredients info from our database of over 3,000 foods to bring you the best recommendations.


8) It’s better than other automatic feeders

While other automatic feeders will dispense food at specified times, the SmartFeeder is the only one that’ll devise custom feedings to ensure that he’s getting the right kind of food in the right proportions. Our feeder also distributes measurements as small as 1/16th of a cup, while most other feeders only go as little as 1/4th.

9) It tracks your feeding history 

Tapping into your pet’s eating habits is more useful than you’d think. By keeping track of Gibson’s food brands, calorie intake and weight, you can review his pertinent stats with your vet if Gibby runs into any health dilemmas down the line.

10) It’s peace of mind 

Above all, you want to rest easy knowing that you’re giving Gibson the best possible care to keep him healthy. And the SmartFeeder allows you to do exactly that.


Personalize your pet’s daily meals.

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